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Persephone's Library ~ Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well, I finished a short story today, tentatively entitled "Persephone's Library". I really like the beginning, but I'm not sure if it gets too heavy-handed after that. Still, I kind of like the idea behind it--and I do think I muddied the issue later on. Ultimately, it's pretty discusssion-oriented. It's also a character piece, where the SF premise just sets things in motion in the first place.

I'm going to let it sit for a few days, then hopefully send it off either on Friday or early next week to the Tesseracts anthology. I don't know if it's really up to par for that, but I might as well, since entering the anthology (deadline Dec. 31) was the impetus behind writing the piece in the first place. And I'm pleased to have managed to choke something out at all, given how stuck I've been (yet again!) on the Regency. I'm hoping to get tons done on that tomorrow, however. :-)

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