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NaNoWriMo ~ Friday, October 27, 2006

I hope to actually follow through with writing it this year. It may prove to be a challenge, as I have surgery on the 9th, and may be a little while in recovering. However, the theory is that if I'm confined to bed, maybe I'll be able to make the most of it by writing. Of course, in practice, I seem to recall that, post-op, I'm confined to bed for a good reason: namely, I'm not good for much else.


But, we all live in hope. And at worst, I simply don't manage to finish in a month. I think I will. I hope I will. I intend to, at least.

And, I'm hyped about it, even though I'll be taking the harder road with this. I came up with a really cutesy romance idea that I know would be fun to worldbuild for and then write during NaNo, but prior to that, I had the notion of writing an account of all the craziness of last year, as a fictionalized memoir.

I hope to succeed. Happenstance seems to have supported me in my bid--I chanced upon a nice adaptation of the structural myth I intend to use in the bargain section of Chapters (having chanced upon several references to the aforesaid myth in the course of my prior readings).

I've also had such an encouraging time at the conference. I heard all kinds of assurances that made me feel a little better about where I find myself at the moment--as well as giving me the get-go to keep at it, with the added challenge of writing freelance stuff as well. I'm hoping that if I gather momentum for that, it will also help to push forward my fiction marketing plans and the like.

So, I'll finish the _Spirit of Life_ edits and tweaks on the plane (must print out the stuff Rhoda sent me, and make a note of the other changes I need to make) and hopefully begin sketching out the plan for NaNoWriMo on the flight, so that I'll be ready to take the plunge, come November 1st.

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