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Winner!! ~ Monday, December 04, 2006

So, how cool is that?! Well, I'm glad it's done, and am somewhat happy with the first 25,000 or so words. The rest will need work--and I think structurally as well, it will need work. I've got some cool family history stuff in there that I think might best be interspersed with the other two storylines rather than presented in a clump as it happens to be at the moment.

Plus, I had some trouble with the story arcs for one of the characters and her experiences in India and Australia. That will take some work, methinks.

The latter part of it was mainly a brain dump--possibly useful to get down onto the page, but likely unusable except for reference and as notes to accompany an actual writing of the rest of the story. But still, 25,000 words of reasonable stuff and another 25,000 words of brain dump and potentially useful stuff is not bad for a month's work--particularly since I also had my surgery in November and lost a number of days to that (I was in the hospital for about five days or so)!!

Also, I've added more pics, at http://www.flickr.com/photos/leda_swann

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