~ There is only one journey: going inside yourself. ~
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Convalescence ~ Friday, December 23, 2005

Alas, I am finding convalescence from my surgery to be fraught with setbacks. I had hoped to be moving forward in some consistent way, but instead, the progress is uneven. Some days, I feel almost back to normal; others--i.e. today--I am exhausted and barely able to do anything. Just in time for the busy season, too. I had to miss out on a film viewing this evening, which was unfortunate, as I was really curious about it.

Even at the doctor's office, I was so exhausted that I was barely able to stay upright--and over dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant, I was almost falling asleep. But this was not a reflection upon my dinner companion, who rules the world. And the dinner was tasty, despite the lack of dolmadakias available. Gyros--yum! And I love that lemon, chicken and rice soup. Avgolemono. *slurp*

But, I'm happy that, according to the doctor, all seems to be healing as it should and there's nothing majorly wrong.

I'd like to get back to writing again soon; perhaps sometime in the next several days.

I have also been considering taking this blog in a new direction--namely, moving away from only posting once a year or so, when I can think of something interesting and profound (well, or just kind of neat) to post, and into a format where I just use it as an online diary where I write about whatever. Somewhere to just check in and write whatever.

Let's give it a try and see how that goes. On another note, our cat, Ellamenopi, is playing her little piano (i.e. kneading a cushion with her paws. But it looks like she's playing the piano, or a keyboard at the very least).

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The Adirondacks ~ Monday, December 19, 2005

On a recent visit to the Adirondacks--we went to see the Autumnal colours, but alas, the general precipitation meant that we had fewer mountainous vistas of multi-coloured leaves and more wistful, evocative views of stark contrasts between a clear foreground and the forests receding off into the mists.

But, it was still a lot of fun and a nice getaway. The photo, to the left, is one of the mementos from the trip.

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