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Un peu fatigue ~ Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm oddly tired today. Or, perhaps it isn't totally odd. I rode my bike to the meditation circle last night. It was fine going--a touch taxing on the hills, but not too bad. Coming home... *sigh*. A sad, sad thing, when you have to pause three times on the final hill because you're all tired. And it's not even that big a hill--it's just that the road has an uphill incline leading up to it, so I was already slightly winded before I even started. I guess it's been a long time since I've ridden any distance--or at all, in fact. Still, it was pretty sad. I was glad that it was after dark, so no-one was likely to notice me huffing and puffing.

I'm hoping to bike to the meditation circle on a reasonably regular basis (as opposed to walking or driving), so things might improve. But the meetings are only twice a month at this point, so they might not. Heh.

And then today, I walked a bit. I also wrote 3,000 words, so that made me happy. But maybe that's got me a bit tired as well. They're coming in tomorrow to do the flooring--it'll be nice to have it done, but it will also mean that I'll be out of excuses for not putting stuff back into the kitchen. I'm hoping to do a bit of that tonight, once Tom heads off to his band practice (it's Rocktonic tonight, no the group I'm involved with).

I also decided to offer a set of four beginners' ballroom dancing classes at the UU. Of course, I've never taught it before, but I'm hoping it will be fun--that's the main thing, really. I would like people to have fun and maybe learn a few steps in the process. I don't think we could expect to do more than that in four weeks. We're going to cover Swing (triple time and a bit of single time), Rhumba, Cha-cha and a fourth dance that I haven't decided on yet.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all the other dances that we happen to know. For instance: tango is fun and dramatic, but no-one ever plays a tango, except by request, and then you're likely to be the only people on the dance floor. Waltz is the other way--everyone has their own way of waltzing, and the "ballroom dancing" style is particularly incompatible with most of the others, since it covers a lot of space. If the dance floor is sparsely populated, it's fine and looks very nice. If the dance floor is full, it's an obstacle course trying to navigate your way around. Same thing with foxtrot (though most people just do triple time swing, because the music can be similar, so the dance floor is full of people doing a different dance and once again becomes an obstacle course). And samba is rarely played, except by request.

Apparently, the ad for the classes will be running in the latest newsletter, so I'm committed now. I'm kind of glad about that, actually--otherwise, it might be tempting to just let it fall by the wayside. So, Tom will be there, and will definitely be teaching the "lead" parts and going around to help with technique, but I'll probably be doing most of the rest of it. Fun--I hope! And again, hopefully not too nerve-wracking. I wonder if many people will sign up? I suspect that there may be some interest, but child care might be an issue for those with young kids.

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