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The long Hiatus ~ Monday, April 17, 2006

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. The good news: I've done some writing in the interim. The bad news: it's never enough. :-D

It all began when I had news that Avari Press 1) existed and 2) was running a contest for a Young Adult novel. I had something sitting about that could possibly fit the bill. Problem was, it was kind of like our kitchen: in the midst of renovations, with bits and pieces of its contents lying about the house, gathering that special kind of "renovation dust" that's especially hard to clean off.

So, that was when the blog ceased, for I learned about the contest 1.5 weeks before the deadline. Happy, albeit suspenseful, ending: I got the mss mailed just under the wire, on the final day that it could be postmarked (because of course, our printer is sitting in our front foyer right now, and because of whatever crazy configurations and technomagic nonsense is going on, I wasn't able to get it to print, even after I reinstalled the drivers and did the appropriate dances and incantations. Tom came to the rescue with an eleventh hour printout). In addition to that particular deadline, "crunch week" also happened to be when Tamara needed my final picks for Periphery (theme: Southern Revival). Unfortnately, I only found the submissions sitting sandwiched between my front door and the screen door three days before those were due; we never use our front door, and there's a printer sitting in front of it for the nonce.

And then, the ensuing weeks have been occupied with doing a bit of Regency Revival, as well as installing shelf liner, blinds and other immensely entertaining rituals and tasks (let it be noted that I detest shelf liner, and this recent close acquaintance with it has not endeared me to it at all).

Right now I'm procrastinating over writing my next scene. I guess I should get to it, though. I'm at 242 or so pages, so that's not bad at least.

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