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Snakes on a Plane ~ Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I wonder what that movie could be about?

Apparently, there's been a lot of hype, just based on the title, which really cracks me up. I'm pretty curious to see it, at this point, though it sounds like it will be a not very good B-movie. Also, snakes don't particularly scare me. I actually like them and think they're cool (it's amazing watching snakes move). So the tension would have to come from the writing, pacing, etc. because snakes in themselves aren't scary to me, even if they are in a closed environment like a plane. (Just like Arachnaphobia was inherently scary to people who fear spiders, but I kind of like spiders too, so it wasn't for me.)

We recently began a subscription to McLean's and I'm surprised that I actually like it so far. It's full of interesting little tidbits (like the Snakes on a Plane thing). It makes me feel like I am not totally removed from things. I like it when a film comes out or somesuch and there's a familiarity there, like "I've heard of that and was intrigued by it at the time" sort of gig.

And speaking of gigs, the band will be rehearsing next Sunday. I hope I feel like less of a fifth wheel this time 'round, but I'm not convinced. The musicians are just so good. Still, I'll keep going, if only for my fleeting opportunities to sing a song or two and bask in the sun briefly. It's even nicer when the musicians are this good and they just follow you. Wow. (*glug glug* a bit out of my depth... *glug*) It sure pays to have a husband who suggested forming the band in the first place. ;-D My inner diva couldn't be happier. My inner realist/pessimist, however, is fretting away. We'll see who wins

Other interesting Mclean's tidbits:

Ikea is now in the housing business--houses targeted at low income families ("it should be affordable for a single nurse with one child"). From the pictures, they look rather nice from the inside. The exterior has a bit of the look of one of those rental camp cabins at popular wilderness areas--again, based on the one picture in the article.

"Express kidnappings" are apparently on the rise in South America. This was interestingly corroborated (pre-corroborated? I heard it before I read the article, so I guess it's the latter which is doing the corroboration) by Elsy. She's from Caracas. She talked about how pretty much everyone she knows has been kidnapped (she hasn't, but her stepfather, her mother, various friends, her aunt etc. have been).

When I asked for more details, the situations she described sounded more like hostage or holdup situations (rather than targeting someone, kidnapping them and demanding a randsom, which is how we think of kidnapping, and is also apparently (?) widespread in South America--specifically Brazil and Venezuela). But, it sounds like it might be an idiomatic difference: they call this "express kidnapping" where someone who looks affluent is held at gunpoint and forced to go to a bank machine or whatever and draw a whole lot of money. It also adds nuance to the name of the Venezuelan film she wanted us to see (because it was Venezuelan and apparently there aren't a lot of films coming out of the country--though alas, our local video store didn't have a copy, so I shall have to check at some of the more distant rental outlets), which is "Sequestro express" (sp?) or "kidnapping express"--or perhaps more accurately "express kidnapping"?

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