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Campari Tomatoes... ~ Saturday, March 25, 2006

...are really tasty. Ciara had told me they were bursting with flavour--and she's right. They really are. They do remind me a bit of grape tomatoes, but they are larger, and therefore more usable, in sandwiches and the like. Funny--I hadn't even heard of them before chatting with her last week, and then, this week, there they are, prominently displayed, in all their glory. And I usually do scour the tomato aisle for likely-looking suspects, so I'm sure I would have noticed them before.

At any rate, I recommend them to any tomato lovers who might happen to stumble upon this page. Also, if I forget about them, this will be a reminder.

On the other side of things, the Tazo Vanilla tea latte (the pre-mixed, "just add milk" one litre box) is not as good as the Tazo Chai. Just FYI. To be more specific, it's got more of a bitter taste, which I am not as fond of, but others may like. I think mum likes that slightly bitter edge in certain teas, from what I recall.

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