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Rhymes With Camera: On magical thinking ~ Thursday, January 25, 2007

A cool post by Tamara! I've been thinking about such things recently myself.

Rhymes With Camera: On magical thinking and using Sabian Symbols for inspiration

I think that I've lately been moving more into a kind of nexus that makes use of certain forms of magical thinking. It's a fascinating--and, I daresay ubiquitous--notion, though it's interesting to see it articulated in this way. Certainly, I think myths and patterns help us to parse reality. Whether there actually are underlying patterns or not is (arguably, of course) secondary to the notion that by uncovering those patterns (even if they are artificially imposed), we are able to derive meaning in our lives. Storytelling is, in one way, about precisely that--uncovering patterns of event and happenstance and drawing them together into a meaningful narrative arc. A fascinating notion.

More to ponder on this later. For the nonce, another deep breath--and back to revisions!

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