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WOW! A New Blog Layout! ~ Friday, January 19, 2007

Well, having spent far too long setting up a new layout for m'blogs, I'm now posting an image to test how it works on this particular blog layout format. If you enlarge the post and notice Loki's eyes look a bit odd, don't worry--it's completely artificial. The flash made them look even stranger, so I popped the image into Photoshop and retouched her eyes. It was a quickie job, though, so they don't look natural when the image is full size. And now, of course, anyone who sees the pic will want to enlarge the photo just to see how odd her eyes do indeed look...

I'm liking this new format, though. Thanks to Blogskins and the talented designer of this layout! I wanted something simple but different from the standard templates that you see on most blogger websites. I.e. I wanted a personalized look, but didn't want to have to design it myself.

Thence did it become an idee fixe for me, and so instead of working on my book--which I'm about to start doing... I promise--I ended up personalizing all the blogs from downloaded skins I found there. *Sigh* So now all my blogs look cool and personal and my book still isn't any closer to being finished. Perhaps I'll report back on this issue again later today.

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