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Canoeing and Marion Bridge ~ Sunday, June 11, 2006

On Friday afternoon, we went canoeing along the Grand River--it was a lovely trip, even though it was rather chilly that day. A brisk wind was blowing, though at least that meant that we didn't have to paddle as much, and could enjoy the scenery all the more. Pictures of that and other recent activites at:


Then, that evening, I had a ticket to the play version of "Marion Bridge", which was really good, and really well done. It was also completely different from the film--as in, aside from the general premise, the same given names and a couple of other basic details, it was a different spectacle altogether. But I really liked it. The acting was compelling (the eldest sister was a bit annoying, but it's not totally clear how much that was the character and how much that was the actress, because again, she was a different character to the one played by Molly Parker in the film--who was more restrained and silent and full of undercurrents. In the stage version, she is chattier and more outgoing).

I wondered whether part of the reason for the difference was to give viewers who had seen the play something different and new to see in the film. Really nice, though.

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