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32 short films about Glenn Gould and Rain outside ~ Thursday, March 09, 2006

But an early-ish start, which is good, at least. And it's warm out. I'm thinking of buying one of those jackets that everyone on the west coast who goes out walking on a semi-regular sort of basis has. They're kind of outdoors-y and cool but somewhat $$$. I'll check at Costco to see if there's something like that there (by some stroke of chance or great good luck).

I started off watching "32 short films about Glenn Gould" again last night, this time with the screenplay on hand. How fascinating to see what all is explicated in the screenplay (I imagine that at least portions of it, like the interviews, pre-existed the printed screenplay, which consists of a transcription of what the subjects had to say. And certainly, that seemed spontaneous enough, so I don't imagine they were fed the lines. Or is that naive of me to assume? That Yehudi Menhuin (sp?) would be willing to be fed fixed lines to say about GG?).

But it's interesting to see what was considered important enough to merit a fixed mention in the screenplay. It's also interesting to see how--for instance, in the short featuring the Steinway closeups, or the one about GG at Lake Simcoe, or the one entitled "practice"--the camera movements are really often a series of cuts, rather than continuous shots, though the screenplay seems to imply what I would imagine as continuous shots. That was helpful to me, because it made me realise--at least in part--what they mean when they say one shouldn't necessarily detail specific shots, but rather just outline what should be shown or conveyed and let the director and cinematographer work out how that might be done. Fascinating stuff. It's nice to have the films as well as the screenplays on hand for such comparisons. Though it would also be neat to have a screenplay in its "submission format" on hand, rather than the pretty, bound editons we get from the library. I'd just be curious to see how those read and look and interact with the final product on screen (though of course, I acknowledge that the interaction would be different for every film).

I also watched much of "Eternal Sunshine" last night (having recently read the screenplay). Very cool--I do like that film very much--the end is such a great moment, and so very well done. The two of them clearly still have feelings for each other, even though the explicit memories are gone. They love each other and so they jump into what they know will be a troubled relationship, because the attraction and, indeed, the love is all still there.

So, goals. In a dream world, I'd like to get to the end of my "revisions" today, and start doing a scene-by-scene outline and notes and so on for the second half of the book. But likelier, I'll get to, perhaps the end of the theatre scene (if that) and then have to leave the recriminations scenes to later, particularly since I'm still at the point where S, R et al. are out riding--and I still have to work out how to plausibly introduce Julian into the mix.

I also have errands: volkswagen, for an antenna; walmart, to return the umbrella, or possibly swap it; Costco, to find the aforesaid rain jacket. And, of course, some exercise, hopefully. Bonne chance aujour'd'hui (so easy to say, but have I spelled it correctly?! Where do the apostrophes go?!? Oh, the angst!).

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