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Procrastination again! ~ Thursday, February 23, 2006

I fear there may be a theme emerging here. Hopefully I'll be able to buck the trend before it even becomes a trend!

So, today, the procrastination consisted of emailing with a woman named Marcy Italiano, who writes horror. I also chatted on Skype with my cousin Terry in Australia for about an hour!! Sheesh! But it was very nice to catch up with him, and he sent some lovely photos of his kids and his family.

I also did something else that I can't remember, but which also succeeded in shaving a bit more time off from writing.

So, my plan for the day. Complete the scene in which Sophie's popularity grows. Maybe even end with her next partner coming to dance and her decision to be charming with him as well. Begin next scene two days later, in which she sees Julian at the dance.

So that's the plan for today. And then later, to Zehrs, to the factory shoe place. Also, a walk and a workout (or just a workout?). We'll see how much of all that gets done.

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