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YouTube Symphony Orchestra @ Carnegie Hall ~ Saturday, April 11, 2009

They'll be playing on April 15th! Fascinating.

The video below features some of the musicians who will be performing in it. The entire orchestra was recruited via a call for video auditions/submissions. There were great resources at the website that included scores for all the different instruments, recordings of both the specific instrument's part as well as full orchestral recordings with said part missing, so musicians could practice their part with the larger ensemble, plus pieces to be learned for the audition.

The work to be performed was written by Tan Dun, who wrote a cool opera we saw a couple of years ago, called The First Emperor. It is about the nigh-legendary and highly controversial first emperor of China, who united the separate nations under his rule (same chap as was portrayed in the Emperor and the Assassin and, I believe, in Hero as well).

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