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Recent reviews ~ Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A couple of my most recent reviews for any who might be interested!

A symphonic adaptation of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

This one was rather interesting to write:  I was in the room at the back of the auditorium, watching the show through the glass and hearing it over the speakers as usual (rather than live--not nearly as good, but the only way possible, given the constraints).  

Also as usual, I had slightly less than two hours in which to write it:  the show starts at 8 pm and the filing deadline is 10 pm.  The extra challenge was that the visual artist was also in the room, controlling the multi-media presentation--as was the guy who organized the show and the general manager of the the KWS--plus, of course, Ron, the projector guy (who's pretty quiet).  Terry the lighting guy was in the adjacent room, as well as his daughter--but he was kept busy with the complex light show that was part of the concert.  So it was mainly the other three guys who were all chatting and it was like a private box with a party going on--they were commenting on the show and so on.  It was rather nice to see how really and truly excited they were by it--justly so, as it was excellent.  But, it was also extraordinarily difficult to write a coherent 550+ word review in two hours with all that going on!  I ended up filing four minutes late (yes, at 10:04), so it only made about half of the print editions of the paper.  *sigh* 

But I do actually enjoy the challenges, and usually I'm on time.  I'd say, because of the amount going on, this was a bit of an exception.  

The Wellington Winds' latest concert: Soft Vocalise & Mystic Spaces

This was more straightforward.  I had until 3 the next afternoon to write this one, and it wasn't in a venue where I could have whipped out the laptop and clicked away at the keyboard--it would have disturbed the other viewers.  So, I just took notes and then wrote it up the next day.  Yesterday, that is. I wasn't as inspired as I like to be--it was a good concert, but review-wise, I like it best if I can manage to present some kind of unified thematic motif... something I can start with and then return to at the end. There's a nice symmetry then, I feel. But yesterday, this was somehow the best I could manage!

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