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The Cuban Journals: Post- Trip ~ Friday, February 22, 2008

We left for Cuba on February 14th, for a week. We got back late last night. It seems like we've been gone much longer--though that's often how I feel when I step out of my daily routine.

It makes sense, really. In the everyday scheme of things, we're often on autopilot and only encounter a few new elements (the world news, perhaps, or an overnight snowfall we have to drive through on our commute).

By contrast, as soon as we're in a different place, our brains are forced to begin processing a multitude of new elements--everything from getting our bearings, through responding to differences in nuance, body language and culture, to the busy onslaught of taking in the sights, visiting historical monuments or trying to fit each element encountered into the bigger picture. No wonder, then, that each day feels much longer and bursting at the seams with new experiences when we're on holiday.

I didn't take my computer nor my alphasmart to Cuba with me, as I didn't want the hassle and worry of lugging them around. So, I just made notes in my journal. Over the next several days, I'll transcribe exerpts, then back date them as relevant.

So, feel free to browse the entries as they're posted, to scroll back to the 14th, start at the beginning and read up through the days to the most recent one--or to skip it altogether, as you will. The choice is yours! :-D


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