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Seizures induced by music ~ Sunday, June 15, 2008

This I found absolutely fascinating.  What a terrible predicament for this woman--to develop a condition whereby hearing certain kinds of music causes you to have uncontrollable seizures.  It began with only one or two songs--or types of music--but eventually, the seizures were triggered by everything except jazz and classical music, neither of which forms she particularly liked.  

She couldn't work, couldn't go to college (in both cases, people's cell phones, with personalized ring tones featuring excerpts from songs would trigger the seizures--which also meant she couldn't go to any crowded public places, like subways, etc.).  She couldn't go shopping, because malls and grocery stores have piped-in music.  She basically became a shut-in--and couldn't even listen to her favourite tunes to help while away the hours.

Imagine how difficult life would be without music!  

Brain surgery was eventually the only thing that helped.  Now, apparently she's back at school and things are much better.

I had a friend who had a fragrance allergy, which made me aware of the ubiquity of fragrances. Reading this piece made me realise how widespread music really is, in our everyday lives!

Musicophobia: When Your Favorite Song Gives You Seizures: Scientific American

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